Size guide for long-boarding

Choosing a longboard can easily be a tough thing to do, and seem a jungle to begin with. We have gathered the most important things to have in mind, when on the lookout for a longboard. There's a lot of different sizes, shapes, types of wheels etc.

Before buying a longboard, figure out what you're going to be using it for. There exist longboards best for transportation, and longboards designed to roll down steep hills with high speeds, and longboards shaped after surfboards for an awesome surf like feeling.

You are of course always welcome to contact us here should you be in doubt about which longboard you should consider buying.

Longboard design

different shapes of longboards

The right longboard design will make your longboarding experiences much better. It is important to choose the correct longboard shape, suitable for your style. A Cruiser longboard is typically shaped like a surfboard, and works the same way too. With such a longboard you can achieve that surfing like feeling. There also exists a cruiser longboard in a smaller format, which is called a Mini Cruiser. This board is a smaller fun and practical longboard, which easily can be put under your arm when on the bus or with the train. A longboard made for Downhill is a bit stiffer than the other shapes, since it's made to handle high speeds down steep hills. A downhill longboard is also perfect for slides, due to the materials and the shape of the deck. A Freeride board is a great mix of it all, and is an ideal longboard for the beginner. These types of longboards is often easier to use and get better on than the other. We recommend you start of with a freeride longboard, to gain a better understanding and feel of the sport. There after you can begin to specialize yourself of a particular type within longboarding. There also exists another special type of a longboard, the Surfskate. This longboard is mounted with some special trucks, which spins really fast, and gives opportunity to accelerate, without touching the asphalt with the feet.

Trucks mounting

trucks mounting of longboards

There is to standard types of trucks mountings within longboarding. There's topmounted and drop through. 

On a topmounted longboard your longboard is raised from the asphalt, which makes it more lively. This is perfect for those who wants the surfing feel longboard, so they can ride through the streets on waves of the city. These topmounteded longboards are more lively and therefore not as ideal for the beginner, who needs a little ease to begin with. A topmounted longboard can both be used for low speed surf feeling, but also the best downhill riders uses topmounted longboards. 

Et drop through longboard is an all around, easy to to begin with type. Are you the kind of person that likes to play around with your longboard at times, or are using it for transportation, then a longboard with drop through mounting a great choice for you. Most people riding on longboards, will feel best about a longboard with drop through mounting.

When riding on a longboard it is important to have your safety top notch. We therefore recommened you wear a helmet, knee-, elbow- and wrists pads and protectors. You can find our whole selection of protection gear for longboarding here.

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