About Euroskateshop
Euroskateshop was founded by passionate surfers and skaters in 2009. Before founding the company, we spent all our free time surfing and travelling around the world, including Cape Town, Australia and Vest California in search of great places for surfing and skateboarding. During these travels, we came to realize that there was a market full of great equipment that was not available to us in European counties. We used poor quality gear, while good quality gear was obtainable elsewhere.

This became an eyeopener for us and we started a store in Denmark, selling high-end quality gear and making it available to the mainstream. This became the beginning of Euroskateshop and the company quickly grew and became well known as a shop selling quality extreme sport gear at reasonable prices. Today, we sell a wide range of articles from scooters, longboards, skateboards, BMX bikes, protection gear, roller skates, snowboard and skiing gear, SUPs, kitesurfing gear and many other products.

The company grew out of a desire to provide the best quality products for a reasonable price and thereby making the products available to everyone. Great products at fair prices for all. We founded the company out of passion and dedication to extreme sports – sports that we and our employees live and breathe for every day!

We are a team of dedicated riders and many of us practice one or more of these sports. This means that we have an in-depth knowledge about the products that we sell and know what the customer needs, no matter if it is a scooter, skateboard or longboard for beginners or professionals. Also, if you need to find the right wheel bearings, a new deck for your scooter or pegs for your BMX, we can help you. We share the same passion for the sports and we always test our products, and the different brands to ensure a high quality and provide the best service and guidance for you.

Euroskateshop is an online store with an extensive stock in Denmark and perhaps Europe’s largest physical skate store in Copenhagen. You can always call our customer service if you need any help or guidance regarding a product, an order or shipment.

In recent years our market in the UK has grown considerably and therefore we can also provide you help and guidance in your language, no matter if you call us or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards