Action Camera

In this category you'll find quite the selection of action cameras of various price levels.

Quality brands and price friendly action cameras
You can find cameras from the brands Annox Sports, GoPro and Denver. On our site there's also a bunch of different camera accessories waterproof housing, several mounts and much more for your camera.

Cool features - both for beginners and professionals
You'll find cameras both for beginners and professionals, and on each product more in depth specifications. Some action cameras got Anti Gyro Shake, Diving Mode, Night Shooting and can record in 4K / Ultra HD 4K, meaning 24 frames per second, plus an in-build LCD screen that makes the camera easier to navigate on.

Buy action cameras complete and with all accessories included
Most action cameras are bought with a bunch of extra accessories like mounts for helmets or boards and scooters, and if you buy the complete camera packages, you won't need to invest more money into getting all the extra accessories.

Remember SD-card
Remember to buy an SD-card if you don't already own one. Most cameras on our site uses a Micro SD-card, and if you want to record a lot of footage, then getting a 64 GB SD-card is a great idea.