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When we talk about kites within kite surfing, we mean big Kites that have enough power to pull a person over the water. Kites are kept in the air in the same way as an airplane wing, where the air passes slower at the bottom of the wing and thus creates buoyancy. The shape of kites therefore creates different properties. The kite is controlled via lines that are tied to leading eadge and the bar. We will try to give you an insight into the characteristics of the individual kite, and we hope that you will choose the one that best suits your needs.

C-kites is probably the most well-known form in freestyle kites. You recognize the C-shape at the kit's angular / square ends. You see C-kite above, when not inflated, it is similar to a rectangle. The lines are attached to the ends, and because the mold allows the force and buoyancy right down to the tips / ends in which the kite is controlled, the control is very direct. This kite is not suitable for beginners.
Bow kite is the shape of a kite that is more flat in the profile. From above, when the kite is inflated kite resembles more a 'D'. Kite ends being pointed and the kite is controlled with a release (and a lot of intermediate liner) from the leading edge. Because the shape which looks more like an aircraft wing , the force is much larger compared to a C-kite. When you release the bar will lose power, and thus depowers the kite. Bow kites are therefore considered to be more secure.
Delta kite is a specialization of bow-kite. This type of kite has a special angle toward the tip, resembling an F-16 aircraft. The kite has a slightly delayed guide ring that gives more control. This is a huge advantage for beginners and advanced practitioners. This type of kite has further has the easiest water start. Lastly, I will mention that this is not necessarily a novice benefit as it provides a very reliable control such as freestyle, waveriders and freeriders can all benefit from!

The size of your kite depends on your weight. You can learn more about the appropriate size for you at our kitesurfing guide.
Foil kites kites is not inflatable and larger than the tube kites. These are often used by riders in light winds.