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In this category you can find gear and other necessary equipment for water sports like surfing, paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking.
You will find everything from all kinds of boards and paddles to summer/winter wetsuits and inflatable boats. Furthermore, there’s a long range of different gears/accessories for water sports such as neoprene glue, SUP bags, harnesses and various fins and pumps.

If you fancy yourself a surfer or feel like testing your might against some big blue waves, then this is the place to find the right one for you.

Hottest surfing brands – Top notch quality products!
You will find brands like Aztron, Softech and Captain Fin, who all develops quality sports gear for surfing and other water related disciplines.
There’s without a doubt a surfboard that exceeds all your needs and demands, just waiting around for you to claim it your own. If interested, be sure to look through the category and find the one, which will aid you in conquering all those epic waves by the beaches.

If instead you see yourself a paddleboarder or keen to try the sport out, well, then this is right place to be. We sell all kinds of SUP boards, both inflatable and hard SUPs. We even got SUPs made for Race, Touring Wave or the Jack of all Trades All-round boards.
Additionally, you can find SUP paddles and other accessories for your SUP, like bags, vests, shoes, ponchos and pumps designed to inflate an inflatable SUP.

Best SUP brands – Absolute highest quality on the market!
Far most of our quality SUPs and gear are from NKD, Aztron and F-ONE. Moreover, there’s a wide selection of equipment from Aqua Marina, Helly Hansen, Dryrobe and FCS. All brands designs and manufacturers SUP products and accessories of high-end quality.

SUPs for everyone’s taste and level – Rich in choices
Whether you are beginner or experienced with SUPs doesn’t matter, we have SUP boards for many price classes and all levels.
In addition to that there’s many variants of a SUP board, which certainly will cover whatever needs you might have. As with the different types of SUPs you’ll be able to pick one better suited for Race, Touring, Wave or Fitness. Some are made as being All-round, which means they can be used for all of it, though not as efficiently. For a beginner or a casual paddleboarder however, such won’t matter much.

Kayaks are a lot of fun and a sport where all can take part. It doesn’t matter whether you’d rather enjoy high paced races on water or cruise casually along the shores, as you take in the sights of nature.
At our site you can find both inflatable and hard kayaks of great materials. Furthermore, we sell a bunch of accessories, like paddles kayaking that can easily be adjusted to fit just your height.

Great kayak brands – Super quality!
Most of our kayaks are either from the brand NKD or Aqua Marina, which both are known for their quality products for several water sports.

Inflatable or hard kayak – Choose from your needs and use
As mentioned, we have both inflatable and hard kayaks. Depending on what you want to use your kayak for, one will be better than the other.
However, it doesn’t mean much whether you’re a beginner or more experienced within the sport, as you regardless of that can have hours of fun with both an inflatable and a hard kayak.

Once you start browsing through the category pages, you’ll notice that there’s kayaks designed for either one or two persons. So, if you’re looking to bring a friend with you and paddle along the shores, it’s possible.

We also have boats – Sail out with friends and family!
If a kayak isn’t cool enough for you, you can get yourself one of our inflatable Aqua Marina boats. Perhaps, you’ll find one both you, your friends and your family all can enjoy together.
They are all super easy to transport and can be used by everyone who’d like to spend some time sailing.

No hassle – Often bought with the whole shebang
Most boats on the site is bought with a set of oars, a pump and a motor, so no hassle getting all those required necessities afterwards.

Due to the wind, water and sometimes cooler weather, it’s a good idea to acquire a wetsuit for the seasons, especially if you’d like to get out during winters.
On our site you can find wetsuits for all the seasons and in addition to that we also sell neoprene shoes, hoods and gloves, so that even the chilliest of months becomes accessible for your water sports and activities.

Good neoprene brands – Many sizes of the highest caliber!
Most of our wetsuits are designed and produced by the brands Annox and Quiksilver, who both develops efficient products of quality.

Repair your damaged wetsuits – Using neoprene glue
After long periods of usage, a wetsuit may take on some damage and will therefore need to be repaired with some strong neoprene glue. This, among many other extra accessories, can be found on our site, should you need it.

Any questions?
If you have further questions or are you in doubt of something concerning our products for watersports, be sure to contact us or check out our guides here.