Story Duchess Side by Side Skates

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Product Description
The Story Duchess Skates is of the finer, better and far more qualified skates. Freeride Side-by-Side skates suited for a Duchess, which will have the Queens and Princesses of skates inspired and intrigued, while the rest of the aristocratic quality skates green with envy. It is a Side-by-Side skate made for both the young and mature ladies in seek of the best and prestigious Yet still noble, because a little nobility never did hurt nobody. True to the name the Story Duchess Skates will have you, your Grace, rolling on the streets showing off the power and influential status these roller skates exhibit. All while you’ll be shining of glamour and integrity, capable of giving all which the sport has to offer a try. As well as having the Countess and Baroness gawk in the mere sight of you in these Story Duchess Skates. Be sure to use the PU brake just to stop up from time to time and have them stare in disbelief and awe. Comfortable to wear and stunningly looking you and the Story Duchess Skates will be on everyone’s lips in no time!

To reach the high standards worthy of a Lady Duchess, the inner and outer parts of the roller skates is made of suede, which is a very durable and great material for a boot. Along with the cushiony materials and the soft sole inside you can enjoy the comfort and impressive luxuries a Marchioness only dares to dream about. With materials such as these you can really allow yourself to have some crazy fun and let loose to all the Royal weddings and Balls, while still maintaining some level of dignity and class. But by all means, don’t forget to have fun, milady.
The Story Duchess Skates is a neatly designed freeride Side-by-Side roller skate, which means you can really give the skates sport a broad whirl. Before finally deciding upon which of the sports you enjoy the most. Of course, you can also just keep on having great times doing exactly what you want and wish with these gorgeous skates. The PU bushings and rounded edge wheels with ABEC-7 Carbon bearings will help you acquire perfect control and speed on the roads. Showing off the true rank and style of a Lady Duchess. And with a blade made of aluminum these skates will be sturdier, flexier and far better than most other skates, especially the ones the Countess and Baroness got.

So, are you ready to step into the skates of a Duchess? To impress the Aristocrats and all the Kingdoms with your magnificent taste of quality? Well, then Story has got covered. Because the work they did on this masterpiece of a roller skate is basically just showing off their superior talent. Far more cherries on top than what is even necessary to satisfy a Queen. The Story Duchess Skates is their sweetest work to date, beautiful and the best of the best!
Size Guide

Most rollerskate sizes fit your normal shoe size. This means if you are a size EU 42 in regular shoes, you are very likely to be a size EU 42 in rollerskates too.

When you try on the rollerskate (mostly adults):
Your rollerskates might feel a bit tight at first, but if you follow these tips you will be sure to get a size that fits you. First you have to feel how far your toes reach out in the boot. If they just barely touch the tip, we would say that the rollerskate fits you. However if your toes are sqeezed and are unable to stretch, the rollerskate is too small. To make sure that the rollerskate still fits you just right, after you have used it a bit, try to get in a skating postion with your knees slightly bent og then determine how far your toes reach.

Tips for kids sizes:
Before your child fastens the rollerskate, they should kick their foot forward in the boot. This will give them some room by the heel. If you can fit a pen in that room, the rollerskate is the perfect size. If you can fit a finger, there is room to grow. If you can fit something wider than a finger or a pen - the rollerskate is too big. 

Adjustable rollerskates:
Here you can adjust the length of the skate, so that it fits the guiding tips for children above. Remember you have to do this before you fasten the rollerskate.

Rollerskates have to be "worn" a little. 
The actual material of the boot can be quite stiff, but will adjust to your feet after you have worn them a little. This usually means a few trips. 


The size of the wheels on a pair of rollerskates is a very important thing to have in mind when you wish to buy a pair. Smaller wheels are easier to maneuver and therefore provides a greater control. Larger wheels are far more durable and keeps up speed better too. Before choosing a wheelsize, you might want to consider how far you want to roll. If you are going on a long trip, bigger wheels are an definit advantage because they keep the pace high and therefor save you some energy. On a shorter trip however, small wheels are smarter because they are easier to maneuver as well as stop. The wheel size depends on the actual rollerskate and what it is used for. In freestyle you often see small wheels, while hockey players use medium sized wheels and then you see big wheels in race rolling and freeride.


The bearings are the things that makes the wheels on your rollerskates spin and roll. The quality of the bearings are divided in ABEC-values, and the higher the value, the better the quality. ABEC-5 is the standard bearings. You can get both better and worse quality bearings than these. You usually use ABEC-7, -9 or -11 on a pair of rollerskates, where ABEC-11 is the best. A pair of rollerskates use 16 bearings.

Wheel hardness:

The hardness of your rollerskates wheels is measured on the durometer scale, which goes from 0-100 A. 100 A is here the absolute hardest. Harder wheels have a great durability and quickly gains speed. Softer wheels are worn down faster, but a lot more stable than hard wheels.

Blade material:

The material of the blade on the rollerskates are typically made of aluminum or plastic. An aluminum blade is very durable and stiff and does not cause as much friction as a plastic one. The plastic blade is not near as durable as the aluminum blade is, but it is cheaper.

Boot material:

This is the outer layer of the rollerskate boot. Leather is some of the finest material a boot can be made of and it is also very durable. A leather boot is also the most comfortable. A boot of plastic is also durable and weighs less as well. It provides better stability and control because the material is harder, but is not as comfortable as leather. Some boots are made of mesh, which is used to minimize the heat a bit.


This is the total weight of the rollerskates. Lighter rollerskates are easier to maneuver with than heavier rollerskates, which can come in handy when rolling along the streets. However, because of that lighter rollerskates are typically more expensive than the heavier rollerskates.
Wheel diameter 55 mm
Wheel hardness 80A
Bearings ABEC-7
Blade material Aluminum
Boot material Suede
Inner measurements 23x7 cm - 24.5x7.5 cm - 25.5x7.5 cm - 27x8 cm
Weight 1387 g