Story Drive Børneløbehjul

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Product Description
Size Guide

Size guide for trick scooters

A stunt is a lot stronger than a regular scooter, due to its extra enhancements. Because of that, a stunt scooter, unlike a regular scooter, can handle ramps and you jumping around on it. A scooter made for tricks can't be folded together, as that would give a weak point on the scooter. Therefore a stunt scooter has a fixed height, which have to be adjusted to your height. A stunt scooter is typically not as great for transportation as a regular one.

*Keep in mind the table is guiding only:

Your height Under 110 cm 110-140 cm 140-160 cm Over 160 cm
Recommended scooter height Under 70 cm 70-80 cm 75-85 cm 80+ cm

sizechart of stunt scooters

You can ride on every size of a stunt scooter, but that doesn't mean it'll be fun, comfortable or easy to perform tricks on. That's why you need a stunt scooter adjusted to your height. A scooter fixed to your height will give you far better control over your stunt scooter as well as making it easier to perform tricks with. We recommend that you measure the distance from your hip to your bellybutton, and pick a stunt scooter with a height somewhere in between. Keep in mind that the height of a stunt scooter, always will be a matter of preference, all depending on which style one is most to. However, use the guide to get an idea of what height your stunt scooter should have.

When deciding upon what stunt scooter you should choose, it is important to pick one with the right size of wheels too. A typically stunt scooter for children has 90 - 110 mm size wheels, where a stunt scooter for older children and adults often got 110 - 120 mm size wheels. Furthermore, another thing to remember is what compression system your stunt scooter needs. There's a wide range of various types of compression systems for stunt scooters, which matters a lot for your stunt scooter. A SCS, HIC, IHC and ICS is some of the most durable systems for stunt scooters.

The bearings placed in the wheels on your scooter is another thing to think about, when buying a stunt scooter. The quality is measured in ABEC, for an example ABEC-5. The higher the number, the finer the bearing and the better the wheels spins around. Which means that if you have some great bearings, you'll easier keep up the speed on your stunt scooter. This is very practical when driving on ramps and losing speed all the sudden would be quite frustrating. We recommend you to look at stunt scooters with ABEC-5 or higher. 

Check out our expanded guide here about scooters, for a better understanding.

Find our whole selection of stunt scooters here.

If in doubt about whether it should be a stunt scooter or a regular scooter, then find our whole selection of scooters here.

Total height 65 cm
Adjustable No
Weight 1300 g
Number of wheels 3
Wheel diameter 120 mm / 80 mm
Max user load 30 kg
Bar material Aluminium
Bar height 500 mm
Bar width 265 mm
Deck material Polypropylene
Deck length 525 mm
Deck width 110 mm
Bearings ABEC-5
Stearing Lean Into
Assembly Partly assembled