Story Crazy 7.25" Skateboard

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Product Description
Size Guide

When buying a skateboard. it's the deck you should keep in mind, to best measure what you should be going for. 

If your shoes variate between the sizes 35-40 we recommend you to buy a skateboard with a deck between 7.25-7.5

If between 40-45 in shoe sizes we recommend getting a board between 7.5-7.8 since that will fit the sizes well.

If your have larger feet than the size 45 it is recommended to buy a board between the 7.8-9 inches that way you'll have better control of the board when doing tricks and riding on ramps. 

sizechart for your stunt skateboard


The total length of the deck is important for the handling of the board. If you are one of the bigger guys in the skatepark then you should make sure you get a longer skateboard and on the other hand are you of the smaller stature, a shorter skateboard would be ideal for you. If you are planning on using your skateboard for street riding, you will need a long skateboard, whereas a smaller board will be good enough for a skatepark rider. Generally, you can use the following guidelines: - 70 cm (- 20") Transport, Cruising 70 - 95 cm (28" - 38") Carving, Freestyle 95 - 107 cm (38" - 42") Freeride, Carving, Downhill, Sliding 107 - (42" -) Cruising, Downhill, Sliding


The skateboards width depends on the size of your feet. It is nice to have space for your feet so if you have big feet, you will naturally need a wider board. Wide boards are usually better suited for maneuvering, where a good grip on the surface is necassary. Accelerating will also become more difficult if you dont have enough space on the skateboard.


The wheelbase is the distance between the two trucks of the board. The wheelbase alone gives the board its capacity of changing direction. A short wheelbase allows quick changes of direction, which is ideal for carving. Long wheelbase allows more control over your change of direction, which is ideal for downhill and slides. One will be better than the other depending on your riding style. 

Deck material:

The material of the deck is relevant to flex, durability and quality. Bamboo is the sollution for you if you want a flexible deck material, whereas maple is the better choice if you want a more stiff deck material. If you choose a flexible board you are going to compromise on the durability of the deck. In order to ensure the sustainability of bamboo decks, layers of fiberglass or carbon can de incorperated. Both materials simultaneously provide a deck with either more stiffness or flexiblility, depending on the thickness of the layer. This method enables you to create the perfect skateboard for your needs.


Concave is important because it allows you to get an even better grip on skateboards deck. Concave is the inward curvature of the deck's surface. It helps to lock your feet firmly to the deck and thus provides better grip.


The flex of a board is an expression of stiffness. Stiff boards have a very fast steering and provides stability and control, which is suitable for Sliding, Freestyle and Downhill. Flexy boards are less stable, but more comfortable to ride as the deck adapts to your movements. Flexy boards are therefore suitable for carving, free ride and Cruising.

Deck form:

Skateboard decks are available in many different forms. Twintip boards is symmetrical and can ride equally in both directions and are therefor good for Slides, Freeride, Freestyle. Pintail boards is inspired by surf boards, with narrow ends and are suitable for cruising. Directional boards can have different shapes, but are directional, which is often used for Downhill and cruising. Longboards can furthermore have kicktails, making it possible to pop a board and thus do tricks etc.


The total weight of the product when assembled. If you want to be able to do any tricks in the air, your skateboard cannot be too heavy. Do note that lighter skateboards don't last as long as heavy ones.

Wheel edge:

The edge of the wheel have a greater meaning of your riding style. Wheels with rounded edges are better suited for street riding and ramps, where one would recommend wheels with a sharper edges if you are planning on using the skateboard as a transport. One can in general say that in freestyle, hard, small wheels with rounds edges is the right choice, while in freeride or cruising, big soft and square edged wheels are better. 


The size of the wheels should depend on your riding style. Large diameter wheels are suitable for comfort, speed and grip, while the wheels of small diameter are good for maneuverability and tricks. The width of the wheel determines how much contact you have with the ground. More contact with the ground (width wheels) provides comfort, stability and grip, less contact with the ground (narrow wheels) provides speed, maneuverability and easier slip for slides.

Wheel hardness:

The hardness of a wheel is measured on the durometer scale which ranges from 0 - 100A. 0 is the absolute softest, while 100A is the hardest available. Soft wheels provide comfort and less strokes from unevenness on the road. Hard wheels provide speed and provides easier-slip for slides.


Bearings are divided into ABEC. High ABEC values mean that the bearing is made with more precision and therefore better quality. This means that an ABEC-7 bearing is better than an ABEC-5 bearing. It is recommended that your ABEC-value is higher for higher speeds and lower if your wheels will have a lot of impact. Bushings also come in different levels that each work better with different riding styles. 


Trucks come in different shapes and with different angles. Higher angles are designed for more carving turns and lower angles are intended for fewer turns. It is important that your trucks fit the size of the deck on your skateboard. There are two ways trucks can be mounted. One way is called topmounted and the other called drop trough. A topmounted truck is mounted at the bottom of your skateboard, which is an advantage if you would like to avoid having a truck in the way of your feet on the board. The topmounted however does decrease the stability a bit. This method is often used for people who cruise or ride freestyle. Drop through mounted trucks have the advantage of being mounted through the board, which creates a lower centre of gravity and so forth increases the stability. Having a truck on the surface of the board can however affect the space for your feet. This method works for every riding style. 

Grip tape:

Grip tape is what makes you firmer on the skateboard and it comes in many levels of roughness and types. The rougher the grip tape is, the better you stand firm. The really rough griptape makes you stand very firmly but it also shortens the longevity of your shoes. As mention there are different types. One of these is called clear sand and another is the regular sandpaper like tape. 
★ Street No
★ Ramp No
★ Park No
★ Freestyle No
★ Cruising No
Weight 2000 g
Length 73,66 cm (29")
Width 18,41 cm (7.25")
Wheelbase 41 cm (16.14")
Deck material Canadian Maple
Wheel profile Round
Wheel size 53 mm
Wheel hardness 100 A
Concave Medium
Bearings ABEC-5
Truck Story Aluminium Truck 5"
Griptape Medium