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Inline skates

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Inline skates are what we commonly call ordinary roller skates. They have 3 or more wheels placed in a row. These roller skates are available in many different types and differ in size by having different boots and wheels. Some roller skates are suitable for fitness and exercise, while other more specialized roller skates are designed for race or ramp driving (aggressive skates). When choosing a roller skate, consider what you need it for, and it will look great (see size guide for each product).

Fitness and exercise roller skates are characterized by rolling good while comfortably to wear. The roller skates have medium-sized wheels and a supportive but reasonably flexible boot. The fitness roller skate is designed to help you exercise on roller skates, so you get stronger and get better. The roller skates can be used by youngsters as well as adults on transport routes or medium-sized roller skating tours.

Aggressive and Freeskate roller skates are characterized by having a more rigid and protective boot that can withstand punches from tricks. A full blood aggressive roller skate, has a big and powerful boot with small wheels. On the sides of the boot see grindplates, and on the frame between the wheels there is also room for grinding. A freeskate roller skate is a mix between the fitness roller skating and the aggressive roller skating rink. These freeskates may look a little different, but are used to make tricks or move on.

Race or Speed​ inline roller skates is what the word suggests; roller skates designed for race and high speeds. These roller skates are used for competition driving both indoors and outdoors (like ice skating). The roller skates have large wheels and poor ankle support, but on the other hand, great flexibility. If you are not looking for a roller skate for speed inline racing, you can choose a roller skate with better ankle support.