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Here you will find all the parts you need to build a scooter, popularly, you will find parts for making your very own "custom" scooter. These are the same parts you also use to upgrade and maintain your scooter. There are parts of different brands (brands) that sometimes can not be overlapped. We try in this scooter guide to help you find the parts that fit your scooter.

To collect a complete scooter you must have the following parts:
  • Hand grips for scooters are available in different widths, colors and hardness levels. In addition, the handles can be designed with different patterns that affect the grip. You can read more about the scooter handles in our guide for the scooter handles.
  • Wheels on wheels are generally different from core materials, core designs and different sizes and hardnesses. You can learn more the meaning of the wheel in this guide to the scooter wheels.
  • Grip tape for scooters is very essential because it grips your feet. There may be differences in roughness and designs, and every scooter rider usually has their preferences.
  • Bearings are in the wheel. They can be a little difficult to change the wheels of the impeller with the metal ropes. They are divided into precision and categorized by ABEC. You can read more about the ABEC rating in this guide for bearings..
  • Bars for scooters will be referred to as "ruled" in public. On the scooter it is called the bar and connected to the forehead. The size and width of the bar depends on your height and the degree of personal preference. You can learn more about bars in this guide.
  • The brake on the scooter can be designed in two ways: flex fender and normal spring.
  • Clamps for scooters are the part that holds the bar, fork and deck together. Clamps for scooters are available in different sizes (normal and oversized) and fit different compression systems (SCS, IHC, HIC, etc.). Read this guide for scooter clampsto learn more which clamp fits your scooter.
  • The deck of a scooter is the platform you're on. It can be designed in different ways that affect the durability. It is always important to choose a skid cover that fits you in anticipation of durability versus weight. Read more in this guide for scooters decks..
  • The fork of a scooter can be constructed in different ways: Molded or carved by a piece of metal. A fork cut out of a piece of metal has fewer weak points. At the same time there are forks in different sizes. You can read more about the size that fits your scooter in this guide for scooter forks.
  • The headset n a scooter is the ball set that causes the fork to rotate freely in the deck head tube. The headset can be integrated and thus wrapped in the deck. You can read more about the scooter headset in this guide.