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Roller Skates

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Rollerskates are for everyone! No matter who you are, we have a roller skate that suits you and your needs. Here you will find all types of roller skates and parts for your roller skates. There may be many different reasons for taking a pair of roller skates; Maybe you want to get in better shape and have a pair of fitness roller skates, maybe you're more the type of have roller skates on with the kids to keep them company, maybe you're looking to have fun on roller skates with your friends. Below we will introduce you to the different types of roller skates.

Side by side roller skates, built up a bit like a skateboard, with a pair of similar wheels both front and rear. Side by side the roller skate has small, width and angled wheels. These roller skates are pushed forward by putting the toe on the ground and pushing forward (like art skates). Side-by-side roller skates are often associated with the 1980s and 90s, and some would like it to be "hipster" on side-by-side roller skates today.
Inliners or normal roller skates, as they are called in public, have large wheels that are placed in front of each other. These roller skates can be used by adults and children for everything from fun, fitness, tricks and race. It's important that the boot is tight around your ankle so you have good support and do not fall too much inward.

Your roller skates will be worn over time, and it may be necessary to change worn wheels or ball bearings that have been in contact with water and dirt. We are ready to guide you to the selection of spare parts for your roller skates.
You can also upgrade your roller skates with new wheels of a different size or hardness. Maybe you think your roller skates roll too badly and want to try the advantage of ABEC-9 ball bearings? Here you will find everything for your roller skates.