NKD Top Notch?! Freestyle BMX

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Product Description
Size Guide

Total height:

The total height of the BMX bike. It is recommended that the height of your BMX bike should suit your height, herafter factors such as wheelsize and top tube play a part. However, the size of your BMX bike also variate according to your style of riding. Is the total height of your BMX bike too high, you will experience a lack of performance in maneuvering and is it on the other hand too low, will it eventually become uncomfortable.


The total weight of the BMX bike. The weight matters a great deal for the feel and ability to perform tricks. The less your BMX bike weighs the better quality it is, because it is exactly the expensive, high quality materials that weigh the least. If you for example compete in BMX races, you will find that a light BMX bike is essentiel for your ability to perform tricks and flips easier.

Headset type:

When choosing a headset for your BMX bike, you will have to standardmodels to choose from and those are the intergrated headset and the non-integrated headset. An integrated headset is better protected and much more durable than a non-integrated headset, since integrated headsets most commonly are located inside and outside of the head tube. That is why the integrated headset typically lasts much longer.

Bar material:

Bars for BMX bikes are usually made from either steel or aluminum. Steel is a very strong and durable material, whereas aluminum easily gets worn and without the same strength. Bars made of steel are therefor very strong, but also a lot heavier than bars made of other materials, such as aluminum. It id worth mentioning that aluminum bars are alot more common among BMX bikes, because they are so cheap. 

Blade material:

The blade on a BMX bike is often made of chromed steel, since it is the best qualified material for a blade. However, there are also cheaper alternatives, such as aluminum, which then won't be as durable as chromed steel.

Gear ratio:

The gear ratio determines the amount of teeth there are on the blade and the rear blade. If you got more teeth on the front wheel you'll experience a tougher gearing and stepping on the pedals will therefor also be harder. If you on the other hand have more teeth on the rear wheel, pedaling will be easy because the gearing will be lower.


A crankset is vital since it's job is to bring forth all the power from your pedaling to the actual BMX og with that, bring you forward without wasting too much energy on resistance. There are therefor many different cranksets and the fewer parts included, the smoother your pedaling will be. A typical crankset is a Two-Piece or a Three-Piece.

Wheel diameter:

The size of the wheels should depend on your preferable riding style. If your focus is a great riding experience with a sweet flow and a nice speed, then you should go for larger wheels. Where as you will need to go for smaller wheels if you focus on quick reactions and an overall better control. Most Race BMX bikes have wheels that are 20'', while freestyle BMX bikes vary between 16'', 18'' and 20''.


There is various sorts of seats available for BMX bikes. You have Pivotal, Combo, Tripod and Rail. Pivotal is put on from the top and will make it so that you can adjust the angle after your needs. The Combo seat is a seat put together with a saddle stick, permanently. Tripod is seat that can't be adjusted, because it is mounted at the bottom, which then limits you to only sit in one angle. Rail seats are mounted on the BMX bike with two rails and a saddle stick included. After choosing your exact seat type, you should also consider the width. Here you have three options: the narrow seat, the medium wide seat and the wide seat. If you participate in race driving, you will prefer a narrow seat, since it doesn't get in the way of your pedaling, where as a rider who makes alot of tricks probably will prefer a wide seat so that he or she will be able to hold on with the thighs, when making tricks without hands. the medium wide seat however, is a great compromise between the two and is therefor also what most people choose.


When you receive your BMX bike you can get one of three different kinds: assembled, not assembled and partially assembled. You will know this before hand, so you will be surprised by the condition of your BMX bike or how much you may or may not have to assemble yourself. BMX bikes that are not fully assembled when delivered, are relatively easy to assemble and all necessary equipment will be included.
Total height 95 cm
Frame size 20"
Weight 12,3 kg
Top Tube length 20" (50,8 cm)
Headset type Integrated
Bar height 9" (22,86 cm)
Bar width 25.6" (65 cm)
Bar material Chromed steel
Blade Material Chromed steel
Gear Ratio 25/9
Cranks 2-Piece
Driver side Right
Brake Included
Pedal material Plastic
Wheel diameter 20"
Wheel width 2"
Pegs Included
Sprocket material Chromed steel
Seat Combo
Saddle clamp Umbraco
Assembly Partly assembled