NKD Revolution Alu / Honeycomb SUP Paddle

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Product Description
Size Guide


It is recommended that the length of your SUP paddle fits your height to insure you get the best out of your SUP trips. Your SUP paddle's length should typically be between 10 and 20 cm longer than your height. However, this varies a bit depending on your style of riding out on the water. On a trip in the still water it is recommended that your SUP paddle is about 20 cm taller than you,10 cm is better for a day in the waves, because you stand in a more bended position.


It is important that your SUP paddle doesn't weigh too much. A light SUP paddle makes it a lot more fun to paddle onward. The lighter SUP paddles are typically made out of carbon. The lightest of paddles are made out of 100% carbon, but these are of course also more expensive than e.g. a paddle made of 70% carbon or 20%. In most cases SUP paddles are made of aluminum, which is durable, but also weights more than carbon. An alternativ in between is fiberglass SUP paddles, which are heavier than carbon but lighter than aluminum.

Shaft material:

There are various materials, which the shaft on your SUP paddle can be made of. Typically a SUP paddle shaft will be made of aluminum, which is durable, yet heavy. Lighter paddle shafts are made of either fiberglass or carbon. A shaft of carbon is very light depending on whether you buy one consisting of 20%, 70% or 100% carbon and will provide a more satisfied feeling when out paddling on the water.

Blade material:

The SUP paddle blade can be made out of many different materials. Typically it is made of aluminum, which is durable, yet heavy. Lighter blades do exist and they are either made of fiberglass, carbon or plastic. A blade made of carbon or fiberglass is lighter than aluminum and gives greater satisfaction when you are out paddling. When buying a carbon blade, one should beware of how many % of your paddle that is actually carbon, since some carbon paddles have plastic blades. 

Paddle type:

When you have to decide upon which SUP paddle suits your needs, it is important to know what the specific paddle is meant for. Some paddles are meant to be used for waves, others for race, but by far most of them are made to be allround/cruising paddles. A SUP paddle for race will usually have a bigger blade so it can pull more water. A SUP paddle for waves does on the other hand have a small blade, because it needs to be easier to handle when the waves force you to move quickly. Most paddle do however have the medium sized blades that fit most paddlers, because they are so versatile.
Length 172 - 212 cm
Weight 950 g
Shaft material Aluminum
Blade material Fiberglass
Blade size 41.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Type 3-piece SUP paddle