NKD Pro Pegs

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Product Description
Sweet rad quality pegs of steel from NKD Sports, which exclusively comes with 3 axles for perfect adjustability capabilities. This means you’ll have no troubles adjusting it for every brand and stunt scooters on the market of today. Furthermore, two spacers come along too, making it both possible and easy to mount this NKD pegs onto your stunt scooter. Providing you with a much more stable ride. These pegs of steel from NKD are made for the ones who wants to perform even crazier tricks and stunts on their stunt scooter. So, if you’re looking for some intense action and technical riding on a scooter for stunts, or simply the best of times with your stunt scooter. Well, then these cool scooter pegs of the highest and hottest quality to date from NKD Sports are just for you!

These pegs by NKD are made to handle slide, grind and many more crazy stunts. With the included axles of various lengths, you’ll be able to adjust your pegs to become compatible with all types of stunt scooters as well as their different brands. Hereby achieving a far smarter product that doesn’t put limitations on the stunt scooter you can pick.
As mentioned there’s included 3 axles and 2 spacers when you buy this NKD pegs for stunt scooters. As an exclusive thing from NKD Sports these parts will come in a nice little neat aluminum box, which is a perfectly clever way of safe keeping such tiny scooter parts.

So, if you’re ready for some crazy stunts on your stunt scooter and some good old fashion fun both on the streets, the parks and on tracks, then these scooter pegs from NKD Sports will be quite a hit for you!
Size Guide

Pegs per package:

The amount of pegs included in a package. It is possible to only use 1 peg for your scooter, however there is some people who prefer to have 4 pegs mounted. Do you wish to have more pegs you can buy them seperatly.

Pegs length:

The total length of this peg. Some people prefer long pegs for their scooters, where as others would rather have short pegs. The length of your pegs is a matter of taste and preference, which varies a lot from person to person.

Wheel axle:

Are there wheel axles included in your pegs package? If so, you use these for mounting your pegs onto your stunt scooter. Should they not be included, can they be bought separately as well.

Wheel axle length:

The length of your wheel axles should fit the stunt scooter. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the length of your front wheels and back wheels. The wheel axles on the back wheel are usually longer than the ones on the front wheel.


The material these pegs are made out of. Aluminum is a very light and durable material, which is why most pegs also are made of this. You can also get pegs made of steel, which makes them even more durable than aluminum ones but also slighty heavier.

Pegs weight:

The weight of one peg, without wheel axles. It is recommended that your pegs don't become too heavy, since it would make your scooter heavier and hereby be the cause of you having a harder time executing tricks and stunts.
Pieces per pack 1
Pegs length 47 mm
Axle Included
Axle length 68 mm / 78 mm / 87 mm
Material Aluminium
Weight 72 g