Product Description
Your journey continues and has already taken you so far and so many new places. You’re now ready to test out more daring stunts and adventures on this NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal. This NKD mini BMX is ideal for the intermediate and more experienced of riders, but this doesn’t mean that a beginner couldn’t skip ahead the journey and give this beautifully created beast of a mini BMX bike a go. The Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal has with its quality design achieved all what is needed and could be required by the intermediate or beginning riders. Great measurements and low on weight due to being made mostly of aluminum and High-ten steel. All in all, you’ll be light but durable. And with no trouble trying out crazier stunts on this mini BMX bike from NKD. So, if you’re ready to get creative with stunts and dwell deeper into the BMX sport and see what it has to offer you, then there’s no better way than to do so with NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal. No park or street has never seen such raw powered beauty in a mini BMX and the rider!

With a two-piece crank the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal will move smoothly and easily follow along with your movements during stunts. Alongside the excellent gear ratio of the mini BMX bike and the very durable integrated headset, you’re guaranteed a sturdy and stunt prepared ride as well. Meaning you can begin to get funky and really turn it up with some crazier stunts.
Furthermore, to keep the ride comfortable and prepped for the sweet journey ahead. The seat for this mini BMX was designed as a combo type seat and with air tires. But, keep in mind that these tires will need to be filled with air occasionally.

Therefore, if you want to begin the true journey and discover the many things a mini BMX bike has to offer. Well, then the NKD Octane V3 Mini BMX Raw Crystal is the crystal-clear choice for you!
Size Guide

Total height:

The total height of your mini BMX bike. It is recommended that the total height of your mini BMX bike suits your own height. The two heights actually depend on eachother. If the total height of your mini BMX is too high, your ability to maneuver decreases and is it on the other hand too low, the comfort will be affected and it will eventually become very uncomfortable to ride on. The height of your mini BMX bike can of course vary from one riding style to another.


The total weight of the mini BMX bike is very important, because light materials often are better than the heavy ones, since they decrease the resistance. You can therefor say that the lighter the mini BMX bike, the better the quality. A light mini BMX bike is also alot easier to perform tricks and flips on. 


When you have to choose a seat for your mini BMX bike, you have four options: Pivotal, Tripod, Rail and Combo. Pivotal, which is put on top, provide you with the opportunity to adjust the angle. Tripod is mounted at the bottom, which results in it only having one angle and no opportunity to adjust at all. Rail seats are mounted with a couple of rails and a saddle stick included. And last but not least we have the Combo seat, which is permanently put together with a saddle stick. Combo is therefor a sort of combination between the other options, which the name also indicates.

Bar height:

The total height from the bottom of the mini BMX bike to the middle of the handle. The bar height on a mini BMX is recommended to suit the rider in order for easier control of the bike.

Bar width:

Various widths of bars suits different styles of riding for example from air tricks to technical tricks. For air tricks you will have far better trick control with a wide bar, where with a less wide bar you are more ready for technical tricks. This means that the bar plays a role in how well you are able to execute tricks, and it should hereby be considered, before purchase, what your mini BMX primarily would be used for.


The crankset you choose for your mini BMX bike is essentiel for the feel of your pedaling. The cranksets job is exactly to transfer the power in your pedaling to the actual bike and thereby make sure that you move forward. This, it has to do without wasting too much energy on resistance and this is why cranksets come in different kinds for mini BMX bikes, usually in 2 or 3 pieces. For cranksets fewer pieces are better than many, because it helps the smoothness of the movement. 

Gear ratio:

The gear ratio is determined by the amount of teeth on the blade and the rear blade. If you have more teeth on the front gear wheel you will experience a harder gearing, meaning that pedaling will become harder. If you opposite have more teeth on the rear gear wheel your gearing will be lower and pedaling will naturally also become easier.

Blade material:

The blade on a mini BMX is typically made of chromed steel, because this material is the best qualified for the job. However cheaper and hardly as good alternatives exists, for example aluminum.

Bar material:

Bars for mini BMX bikes are usually made from steel, since this is a very powerful and sustainable material, however cheaper aluminum bars are available as well. Bars made of steel are heavier, more stable and alot more durable than bars made of aluminum. An aluminum bar is however cheaper and does also work respectively for your mini BMX bike, it just doesn't last as long as steel. 

Headset type:

You can either get an intergrated headset or non-intergrated headset for the headtube of your mini BMX bike. The headset is essentiel your mini BMX' steering, so that you actually go in the direction you wish. An intergrated headset is better protected and more duable than a non-integrated headset, since the headset is located on the inside and outside of the headtube on the mini BMX bike.


There are 3 different pedal types. Some are made of steel, which are also the most solid and durable ones, naturally meaning that they are also the most expensive ones compared to plastic pedals, which are quickly worn. The last option is click pedals, which primarily is used for race biking or mountainbike. 

Wheel diameter:

The size of the wheels should depend on your riding style and also your height. If you focus a lot on a great riding experience with a sweet flow and some nice speeds, then you need larger wheels. If however, you would rather want quick reactions and an overall better control of your mini BMX bike, you should go for smaller wheels.


When recieving your mini BMX bike you can get one of three following options: assembled, not assembled and partially assembled. This information will be given to you before delivery, so that you know just how much of your mini BMX bike you have to assemble yourself, if any at all. Do not worry though, for not assembled mini BMX bike are not difficult to assemble and all necessary equipment is of course included in the delivery. 
Total height 81 cm
Weight 8.1 kg
Seat Combo
Bar height 26.5 cm (10.4")
Bar width 75 cm (29.5")
Cranks Two-piece
Gear Ratio 27/12
Sprocket mounting Aluminium
Bar material Aluminium
Headset type Integrated
Pedals Plastic, Aluminum
Wheel diameter 26 cm (10.2")
Wheel type Air tires
Assembly Partly assembled