NKD District 14'0 Inflatable SUP

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    Product Description
    This is a high quality inflatable race SUP that is ready to get high speed on the water! NKD District 14'0 is the perfect inflatable SUP for you who want a SUP for coastal trips. With the narrow race design you get high speed fast, so you get a better experience when paddling. This package includes an adjustable paddle that can be used by all heights. In addition, there is also a practical backpack that you can ship your SUP and accessories. A pump with pressure gauge, a leash, and a repair kit are also included.

    It is a Double Layer Design which means that this SUP is made in two layers. This design makes your SUP more stiff, so you get almost the same experience as a real bamboo SUP. That is, this SUP is much better quality than any Single Layer Designs on the market. That's why you get a very durable SUP that slides much better in the water.

    NKD is known for making good and durable products within skate and water sports. You can only be pleased with a SUP board from NKD! A Race SUP has a design that is long and narrow. The sharp front makes this Race SUP slide easily through the water, and you therefore have easy access at high speed. NKD District 14'0 is the perfect inflatable SUP for long walks in quiet water, or small waves.

    The advantage of an inflatable SUP is that you can pack it in a backpack and easily transport it around. If you live in a small apartment, you can still find room for an inflatable SUP. If you inflate your inflatable SUP up to 15 psi, it will slide much better through the water, and therefore it will also be more stable. However, it is not allowed to pump your SUP more than 15 psi!
    Size Guide

    Size guide for SUP - Stand Up Paddle boards

    When choosing a SUP board, it is important to pick a board with the right volume for your weight. Besides that there is also many various styles, which every shape of a SUP board specializes in.

    This size guide is a help for you, to find a SUP board perfect for you.

     We recommend that you read the full buyers-guide before your buy of a SUP, so you can be sure you'll get just the right size for you.

    *Keep in mind the table is only guiding.

    sizechart for sup boards

    The many different shapes can easily become a jungle to navigate within, but we have attempted to make is as easy as possible for you to find just the right SUP.

    shapes of SUP boards

    If in doubt about what type of SUP you need, then an Allround SUP's always a great choice. This SUP is a mix between a bit of everything, and can therefore handle a little of all within the sport. 

    if you're the type who wants to use your SUP for more than play, and want to take it on trips along the coasts, then a Touring SUP is the choice for you.

    If high speeds and only after a board to paddle on still water, then the Race SUP is ideal for your needs.

    Are you living nearby big waves, and planning to surf on each and everyone of them, then the Wave SUP is the SUP for you.

    Find our whole selection of Stand Up Paddle SUP board here.


    A paddle can be bought with a fixed length, which is best suited for the more experienced paddle boarders who already have been paddling on their SUP for some time. A paddle can also be bought as an adjustable paddle, which is perfect for people who just want to use their SUP for lovely trips on the water or ordinary play. There exists many types of paddles. The most common ones are the cheap aluminum paddles that usualy are 2 or 3 pieces. Besides aluminum, there are fiberglass and carbon paddles between which a fiberglass paddle is cheaper. The reason for this is that carbon paddles are must lighter and stiffer than both aluminum and fiberglass. The higher procentage of carbon, the lighter and stiffer the paddle. For all of these it goes that the more pieces the paddle is made of, the bigger friction does it cause in the water.


    The trend of today is the inflatable SUP boards, since they are easier to store and take along with you. To better use this type of a SUP board, one needs a pump specialized for inflating an inflatable SUP board. This pump for your SUP board comes with a pressure gauge and hose.


    A quite excellent and great extra thing to have at hand, when you have bought a SUP and would like to get out on the water and paddle onward, is a leash. The leash is clever to have, since you can avoid having your SUP board floating away from you, while out on the water. It is recommended that your leash is the same length that your SUP board is. A SUP leash is especially important in the waves, so your SUP doesn't get caught in the waves and starts drifting. In a windy situation a leash would also be clever, so you won't lose it. There are two types of SUP leashes. One is a long leash that suits Race and Wave paddleboarding best and the other is a kind of twist leash that suits Touring and regular paddleboarding best. 

    Repair kit:

    It is always a good idea to look after your SUP board, in order to avoid the board suddenly giving in due to too many hits and alike, which then leads to you being unable to get out and paddle on the water. A reparations kit with various of content inside, you will be able to repair and take care of your SUP, while also having no trouble carrying these things around, should it become necessary.


    Looking after your SUP board is and will always be a very good way to insure a longer longevity. With a bag you will be able to just that even better, and on top of protecting your SUP board, transporting your SUP around will also become easier, each time you want to get out and paddle on the water for a trip.


    The total length of the SUP board. SUP boards comes in many lengths and various shapes. The length has great influence on the volume and stabilty of the board. When choosing a SUP, the length is not one of the most important thing to take note on, due to it typically following the SUP board volume and shape well enough. Both the volume and the shape matter more when looking for a SUP.


    The total width of the SUP board. SUP boards come in a lot of different widths and shapes. When looking for a SUP board the width are not as important to think about or concern oneself with too much. Simply, because the width pretty much goes hand in ahnd with the volume and shape of SUP board. Both of which are a lot more important to have in mind when choosing a SUP.


    The total thickness measured of the SUP board. There are typically not huge differences in thickness when it comes to the thickness of SUP boards. The thicker SUP boards often weights more, which will result in it being harder to achieve the same speeds as fast as a SUP board that have a lesser thickness. Think SUP boards have greater volume which gives you better balance.


    The total weight of the SUP board. Various sizes of SUP boards will of course not weigh the same. Depending on what your SUP board will be used for the weight will play a part in your ability to perform. If you are going out into the waves, the weight will matter alot, where if you are just going for a cozy trip the weight will be less important. Inflatable SUP boards come in either single layer or double layer. Double layer SUP boards are alot heavier than single layer ones. They are also stiffer which makes them alot better on the water. 


    The volume of the SUP board. The volume is a very important factor when choosing a SUP board. The reason for this is that the volume is an indicator of how much buoyancy a SUP has got. If you are a paddle boarder on the heavier side you will need a SUP board with more buoyancy. Vice versa goes the same for those on the lighter side of paddle boarders. SUP boards with a high volume are less maneuverable, therefore it is very important to choose the right SUP with the suitable volume for your weight. However if you are just using your SUP for cruising it is usually a good idea to choose one with a relativly high volume, because it helps the stability.

    Max load:

    Max load is an expression of safety. In order for a SUP board to be CE approved, a maximum load must be made for what it can handle with 100% security. There are different requirements for maximum load and some brands and parts of the world make higher demands for your safety. For example. can a Vapor SUP of xxx liters not flow more weight than another SUP board of several xxx liters. Most SUP boards can carry more than the approved maximum load, which is why you also talk about the recommended load. One last important detail about the term max load is that although a SUP board can handle 120 kg, does it not mean that the SUP can do its best with that weight, so recommended weight remains important to read about.

    Rider's level:

    It is very important to choose a SUP board that is right for your level. Some boards are intended to be used by highly experienced practitioners, while others are more useful for multiple levels. Your SUP experience will generally improve with a board that fits you perfectly.

    Flat water:

    Flat and windy water without ripples, which you often experience on lakes or in rivers. Sailing on flat water with your SUP is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy themselves on their SUP board.

    Waves 0-50 cm:

    May be flat, but will usually have ripples ie. small waves / foam waves near crackles or close to the beach. These very gentle waves are the most optimal for anyone who wants to try surfing the waves and experience many hours of fun with SUP surfing.

    Waves 50-200 cm:

    In Denmark, you will typically only experience this type of wave on the West Coast in Jutland on the open sea. It's also mostly for pro surfers who know what they can, want and need on the water. By far the fewest need this when buying their SUP board.


    Race is a form of SUP surfing, where there is better momentum and more stability. That's why they're mostly for those who want to see something on their tours, also called Touring, and for those who want to move quickly from A to B. Race SUPs are more pointed and very directionally stable, which means you do not need to change as much between the sides as you paddle.

    2 People:

    This means that it is possible to be 2 people on the SUP as long as the recommended weight limit is not exceeded. A 2 person SUP is smart for parents who would like their child on the water or dog owners who surf with the dog on board.
    Paddle Included
    Pump Included
    Leash Included
    Reparation kit Included
    Bag Included
    Deck Pad Yes
    Dimensions 14'0
    Length 427 cm
    Width 74 cm
    Thickness 15 cm
    Weight 15 kg
    Volume 335 L
    Recommended Load 50-130 kg
    Max load 180 kg
    Rider Level Intermediate - experienced with few remaining questions, Pro - experienced and sure
    Flat water ★★★★★
    Waves 0-50 cm ★★★★★
    Waves 50-200 cm ★★☆☆☆
    2 People ★★★★★
    Tracking ★★★★★
    Race ★★★★★
    Stability ★★★★★
    Maneuverability ★★★★☆
    Stiffness ★★★★★