NKD Brain Saver Helmet

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Product Description
Size Guide

Size guide for selection of helmet:

When measuring your head, do it at the widest point. This is typically on the forehead, just above your eyebrows. Use a tape measure and look at the charts below. These charts have a given measurement in centimeters, and indicated a size in XS, S, M, L, XL. It is very important that you choose the right helmet size, and should you have any doubts, please contact our support. Be aware that not all brands use the same size charts!

Below you will find guiding charts that indicate which size suits you best if you have the measurements of your head. Some helmets can be adjusted in size, but far from all.

Naked Brain Saver Helmet
Helmet size: Small Medium Large
Head size: 50-53,5 cm 54-57 cm 57,5-61 cm
Age 0-5 years 6-20 years  10 years - adult
Naked (Classic+Deluxe), Fox, Annox Helmets
Helmet size: X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Head size: 45-47 cm 48-54 cm 55-58 cm 59-61 cm 62-65 cm
Bestial Wolf Helmets
Helmet size: S/M L/XL
Head size: 47-53 cm 53-59 cm
Bullet Helmet
Helmet size: X-Small/Small Small/Medium Large/X-Large
Head size: 48-50 cm 54-57 cm 58-61 cm


Products that are CE approved, are approved for everything a helmet should be able to handle and the safety of it. There is a lot of rules for the quality of helmets, since the safety needs to be top notch. By being CE approved, you can be certain that your helmet lives up to the required demands and grants the best possible safety.


The weight of the helmet. The weight varies depending on the material and what the helmet is meant to be used for. The weight also plays a part in how comfortable the helmet is to wear. The lighter helmets are more comfortable than the heavier ones.

Inner shell type:

The inner shell type is what is on the inside of the helmet. The inner side of the shell on a helmet can be made of different materials. Some materials are much thinner and more comfortable to wear, however this means that the safety aren't as great as helmets with a thicker shell.

Outer shell type:

The outer shell is what the outer surface is made of. It is what protects you from hits in case of impact. It is highly important this is of top notch quality. If your helmet got a CE-certificate you can be certain that the helmet meets the high demands the best helmets require.

Padding material:

The thickness of the mounted padding on the inside of the helmet. There is various of padding materials for a helmet, and the material determines how great the comfort for your helmet is.

Adjustable abilities :

The adjustable abilities makes the helmet more comfortable to use because you can make the helmet to fit your head even better. Not all helmets can be adjusted to everyones individual headsizes.
Certificates EN 1078
Weight 425 g
Inner shell type EPS
Outer shell type Glued, ABS
Padding material 360 Velour Soft
Adjustability Yes
Ventilation No