NKD ABEC-9 Pro Bearings

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These ABEC-9 bearings from NKD are crafted using advanced and durable materials. They are closed with a rubber shield, which not only is great protection but also makes it super easy to acces the interior for cleaning. They are pre lubricated, so they are ready to use from the moment you get them in your hands.
Size Guide

Guide for choice of bearings.

You do no thave to think about size when choosing bearings, because rollerskates, skateboards, penny boards, longboards and more use the same size in bearings. However, there are differences in the quality of the bearings. Some barings roll better than others and that is because they have a higher ABEC value. All bearings are divided onto the ABEC scale by numbers, and the higher the number the finer the bearing. An ABEC-9 value bearing does for example roll better than an ABEC-7 value bearing.
Some bearings are open and some are closed. A closed bearing means that there is a rubbering located on the inside of the bearing, that protects it. A closed bearing does also last longer than an open one, because of this exactly. There are no bearings out there that can tolerate water, so we highly recommend that you do not use your bearings in the rain, puddles, sand or other places where dirt can come in and break the bearing.

Check and confirm just how many bearings you need before buying them. A skateboard does for example use 8 bearings, while scooters only use 4.

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Bearing precision ABEC-9
Spacers Not included
Rubber shield Yes
Type Closed
Bearings included 1 pcs