Madrid Leopard Wasp Cruiser Skateboard

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    Product Description
    Leopard longboard from Madrid is a small longboard you can take with you anywhere. More and more people are running longboards, and more want to take their longboard with them everywhere. This board offers fast and fun transportation.
    Board's challenge anyone with the leopard design and powerful driving performance. The board is made of Canadian wood and comes with 80A wheels provide a smooth ride through the city.
    Small but dangerous - it is Madrid Wasp. This Destroyer of asphalt and concrete and not any navigable surface is completely full member of the Madrid skateboards. 

    Similar to the Hornet, but with some extra nose and tail, the Wasp packs a lot of fun into a small package. With 65mm Smoothride wheels, the Wasp will keep your trip to the nest fast and free of interruption. The Wasp also makes a great filmer board.
    Size Guide

    When buying a skateboard. it's the deck you should keep in mind, to best measure what you should be going for. 

    If your shoes variate between the sizes 35-40 we recommend you to buy a skateboard with a deck between 7.25-7.5

    If between 40-45 in shoe sizes we recommend getting a board between 7.5-7.8 since that will fit the sizes well.

    If your have larger feet than the size 45 it is recommended to buy a board between the 7.8-9 inches that way you'll have better control of the board when doing tricks and riding on ramps. 

    sizechart for your stunt skateboard


    The total length of the deck is what's important for the boards riding abilities as well as the stability. Generally, these guiding points can be followed:
    • 55,9 cm (22") Children below 10 years
    • 68,6 cm (27") Adults and older children


    The widest place on deck is what decides the feet's placement. Wide boards are often suited for maneuvering, where the feet's grip or the surface is in focus. Sliding, Freestyle, Carving and narrow boards is more for cruising and transportation. Another thing to be aware of is that you may find difficulty in holding your balance when accelerating with one foot, if there isn't enough space on the pennyboard for the feet. 
    • 15,2 cm (6") Children below 10 years
    • 19,1 cm (7.5") Adults and older children

    Deck materiale:

    The material of the deck matters in terms of flex, durability and quality. By far the most penny boards are made of a Nylon material. However, there are various qualities of Nylon where some are better than others. There is also some penny boards that are made out of wood.


    The total weight of the Penny board assembled. A heavy deck typically lasts longer than lighter decks, due to having more layers and thus with less layers the lighter decks don't last as long, but are of course much lighter. A lighter deck typically has more flex, which makes the board more alive and fun.


    The wheel's edge matters much for its abilities. A wheel with a rounded edge easier releases of the ground than a wheel with a square (sharp) edge. The size of the wheels should depend on your riding style. Wheels with a great diameter are well suited for comfort, speed and grip, where as wheels with a small diameter are for tricks and maneuvering. The width of the wheel decides how much contact you have with the ground. More contact on the ground with wider wheels gives comfort, stability and grip, less contact on the ground with narrow wheels provides better speed, maneuvering and easier release onto slides. There are also different kinds of rubber which play a part in choosing your wheels. The best rubber is called PU and is very soft and comfortable. A cheaper alternative is called PVC and is both harder and more plastic like. In general you can say that for freestyle, hard, small wheels with round edges are the choice for you. While freeride or cruise needs big, soft square edged wheels.

    Wheel hardness:

    The wheels hardness decides how fast og komfortable your pennyboard rolls. When determining the hardness of the wheels, one uses the durometer scale. It measures from 0-100A. 0 is the softest og 100 is the hardest availability of wheels. With soft wheels, maneuvering and the reaction ability becomes better. With harder wheels the speed and stability increases.


    Bearings are divided into ABEC. High ABEC values mean that the bearing is made with more precision and therefore better quality. It is recommended that your ABEC-value is higher for higher speeds and lower if your wheel will have a lot of impact. For a pennyboard, one would usually use an ABEC-7, -9 or -11 value, of which ABEC-11 is the best. Bushings are also used for pennyboards and they come in different qualities that are each best suited for different riding styles as well as needs.


    Some pennyboards has a grip tape located at the top of the deck, but by far the most pennyboards are without grip tape. The grip tape is sandpaper, which helps keep your feet on the deck. It is still possible to use a pennyboard without grip tape. Should there be no grip tape included with your board, you can always buy some, just keep in mind to get the correct size. There are diiferent types of griptape, one called clear sand and another more regular sandpaper like tape. However griptape isn't necessary when using a pennyboard.
    Length 73 cm (28,75")
    Width 19,6 cm (7,75")
    Deck material Maple
    Weight No
    Wheel diameter 65x45 mm
    Wheel hardness 80A
    Bearings ABEC-5
    Truck Size No
    Griptape Included