Denver BTS-53 Speaker

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Buying guide: Headphones and earphones

When you are going to buy a pair of headphones, it is important that you have an idea about what exactly you are going to use them for the most. Because there is a difference between what different headphone types are better at handling. Down below you will see the most important information needed for you to be able to choose the headphones or earphones that are exactly right for your needs.

Please note that the following information only is supposed to guide you towards the right pair of headphones and that many of the things regarding your choice of headphones truly are a matter of preference.


There are different types of headphones and what separates them is usually the way they fit and sit around or on the ear. The classic headphones sit on one’s ear and often have the best sound of the highest quality. They are therefore mostly used by people who focus on the sound being the absolute best, for example when listening to music. Another type sits around the ear and is like the third option, which sits inside the ear, perfect for running or other activities inside and out. These two types are much lighter and much smaller, which makes them easier to carry around in your pocket, for everyday usage.

Headphones and earphones also come with or without wires, so after choosing the way you want them to sit and look, you should consider this. However, some wireless versions work with the right cable, if you one day decides that you need it anyway. Headphones and earphones with and without wires each have their advantages and disadvantages of different kinds. The wireless versions give you a greater freedom, because they let you connect via Bluetooth without you needing to have it connected directly to your phone, computer etc. However, Bluetooth is a necessity for these to work and you also have to charge them beforehand. This means that they can run out of power, so you must remember to charge them before usage.

Headphones and earphones are also made with and without a microphone. This is very useful for people on the go, who have them connected to their phone and then are able to accept calls fast and without issues. Or for people who voice-chats with other on the computer.


When talking about your headphones or earphones quality, it’s usually a conversation about the sound quality or the wireless battery’s lifetime. Most batteries last through about 12 hours of usage, depending on different factors and products. The high-quality ones last longer, because their battery is more expensive in general. The same goes for headphones or earphones with better sound quality. If you want higher quality that usually means you have to pay more as well.

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Connection Cable, Wireless
Battery Lifetime No
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