Denver 8030W Action Camera

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Annox Sports Annox Outdoor Annox Gold Edition V2 GoPro Hero5 Black
General use
Annox Sports record video that can be used to upload on youtube and other social media (1080p & 720p). The camera can also shoot in lower quality but with the possibility of slow motion in up to 2x normal speed. Furthermore, the camera captures images in 12MP (same as the others in this test). Annox Outdoor records video up to Ultra HD (2.7k), with normal frame rate*. The camera is therefore perfect for youtube video (1080p & 720p) with the option to slow down the footage up to 4x normal speed. Annox Gold Edition captures video in up to cinema resolution (4k), with normal frame rate*. The camera is designed for youtube videos (1080p & 720p) with the option to slow down footage up to 4x normal speed. GoPro Hero5 Black captures video in real cinema resolution (4k), with normal frame rate*. The camera also records high frame rate footage for youtube videos with which it is possible for slow motion up to 8x normal speed.
Who can use the camera?
Annox Sports is good for beginners who want to start to capture action shots and record video for youtube and social media. Annox Outdoor is good for the beginner / the practitioner who wants to try action cameras and slow motion for  youtube. The user does not have big requirements for the sensor, but instead he prioritise high resolution and frame rate. Annox Gold Edition is good for the intermediate / ambitious adventurer who wants to create slow motion video for youtube or try the world of cinematic resolutions. GoPro Hero5 Black is directed to the professional. If you need cinematic video and you are skilled at editing video, the GoPro Black Hero5 is the right camera for you.
- - Cinematic 4k (24 frames) Cinematic 4k (30 frames)
- Ultra HD 2.7k (30 frames) Ultra HD 2.7k (30 frames) Ultra HD 2.7k (60 frames)
Youtube 1080p (15 frames) Youtube 1080p (60 frames) Youtube 1080p (60 frames) Youtube 1080p (120 frames)
Youtube 720p (30 frames) Youtube 720p (120 frames) Youtube 720p (120 frames) Youtube 720p (240 frames)
4K- - - -
2.7K- - - 2x
1080p- 2x 4x
720p- 4x 8x
WVGA2x 8x 8x

* Frame rate is also referred to as Frames Per Second (FPS). Regular video and movies on youtube and in the cimema is 30 FPS. The higher the FPS the more smooth video. The human eye is said to be able to register up to 40 FPS, but the normal frame rate is around 30 FPS.



Cimematic 4K (2160p): The resolution is mainly used in the cinema. The resolution of a normal computer monitor is often 1080p and thus can not benefit from a higher resolution.

Ultra HD 2.7k (1524p): This resolution is also used in the cinema. But they will never use a lower resolution.

Fuld HD (1080p): The resolution is the ideal resolution for any use on computer and phones. This resolution fits the screen and will apear clear and sharp. Blue ray video is full HD.

HD (720p):  This resolutions are also good for use on computer and phones. DVDs are in HD.



If video is recorded at higher frame rates than 30 FPS, the video can be slowed down and still be completely fluent. When recording at 60 FPS the footage speed can be halved and the video is 2x slower than normal. If you record respectively 120 FPS and 240 FPS the speed can be reduced 4x and 8x. Video 8x slower than the normal speed is extreme slow motion - a skate trick on 1 second will last impressive 8 seconds.


Some action cameras comes in a package with a lot of mounts you can use to mount your camera on top of anything from surfboards to helmets, ski poles and so on. Mounts for your action camera make it very easy to capture all your awesome experiences with, because they provide such great opportinuties for lengths your camera can go and on top of that they make your films much more alive.


720p is the lowest quality of HD (high definiton) resolution available for new screens and cameras. The resolution on your action camera is therefor also recommended to be able to record in this format, as a minimum. The number 720 refers to the 720 horizontal lines (the height of the recordings) and the p stands for progressiv, meaning that each frame recorded is in full HD resolution. With 720p resolution you usually see either 24fps (frames per second) or 25 fps, which is the usual frame rate for televison and film. 


1080p is like 720p HD (high definition) resolution, 1080p is however even better. The number 1080 refers to the 1080 horizontal lines (the height of the recordings) and p stands for progressiv, which means that each frame you have recorded is in full HD resolution. 1080p can accept a frame rate all the way up to 60fps (frames per second), which is more than double the amount seen in a regular movie. 


2.7K is ultra HD (high definition), which means that it allows even better resolution than for example 720p or 1080p. 2.7K basically means that there are about 2700 horizontal lines on your recordings, which it is the height of them. 2.7K is of higher quality than most computers and TV's allow, but this just means that you have every opportunity to zoom and create slow-motion all you like, without worrying that the resolution will decrease. The one thing to be aware off with 2.7K is that the size of your files will be alot bigger and therefor take longer to download. 


4K is like 2.7K ultra HD (high definition), which is even better than regular HD like 720p and 1080p. The number refers to the about 4000 horizontal lines, meaning the height of the recordings. 4K records in so high quality that your recordings or pictures wont lose any quality when you edit them, by either zooming or making slow-motion. 4K does not record with more fps (frames per second) than 1080p, but it has such incredible resolution. Be aware of the fact that your recordings and pictures recorded in 4K become bigger files than usual HD files and will therefor take longer to download. 

LCD screen:

It is practical to have a screen on the back of your action camera, since it allows you to watch along while recording. With a screen on the back of your camera you have the possibility to also change the settings on the camera. Our actioncameras offers you an LCD screen, which is a good light weight screen that gives you the necessary quality you need when watching your footage.

Waterproof housing:

If you require to have your camera down below water, you need a waterproof camera housing. Most actioncameras come with waterproof housing, but always make sure to check exactly what your waterproof housing can manage before using it for diving for example. It is vital that it can go several meter under water if you don't want it to break. 


If you are looking for an actioncamera with high resolution, meaning great picture quality, then megapixels is what you need to be on the look out for. The more megapixels your camera has, the better quality and greater pictures are you able to take. 

Rechargeable battery:

There is many types of batteries for action cameras. Some batteries are able to contain a lot of charge, while others far less.We therefore recommend that you buy several batteries for your action camera. In doing so, you will be able to film for hours without constant interruptions.


Some action cameras comes with a build in function for WIFI. Using that you are able to connect your action camera to your phone as well as other devices. This is a very practical, since you will have full control of your action camera and every file on it.


The name of the app for your action camera. You can download the app on App store if your are using iPhone/iPad. If you are an Android user you can find the app on Playstore.


The quality of your action camera is important to be of top notch quality and som times that depends on the lens. Some camera lenses films in wide, which means the footage will be recorded widely, other are specified for zoom and so on. A wide lens is useful for your action camera, since one typically films from their own angle (POV).
Mounts included Yes
Video resolution 720p 120 fps
Video resolution 1080p 60 fps
Video resolution 2.7K No
Video resolution 4K No
LCD screen 2-inch
Waterproof camera housing 45 m
Megapixels 16 MP
Rechargeable battery 1200mAh Lithium
App Denver Action Cam
Lens Wide angle